Hello, Bread-heads! 

After so many of you enjoyed the Team Fortress 2/Surgeon Simulator crossover, we decided to allow Bread to have some fun in a level based on Valve’s free-to-play gem.

Take the heroic slice of bread on a journey through the dynamic world of Team Fortress 2. Climb Heavy’s face, use tumour creating teleporters, fire off the minigun and traverse a floor filled with sticky mines, all in the name to become sandvich.

From today, 13th August, you can download this update for the low-low price of FREE. Yes, this TF2 update costs you absolutely nothing. We love you that much! 

For those that haven’t decided to jump into I am Bread before, now is the perfect time because it’s 50% OFF for the next week! 


The I am Bread team
Master Bakers

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