Don’t get too excited, it’s a PERFORMANCE update.

It’s a pretty good performance update though, and everyone loves it when things run smoothly, don’t they?


  • There’s now a much clearer settings menu – you’ll be able to find out how to adjust your video options really easily now. WIN!
  • We’ve added a vSync option to the settings menu. If you don’t know what this means, don’t worry. If you do, we’re sure you’re smiling.
  • Some of you complained that frame rate performance was poor for you since we left Early Access, especially in areas like the Petrol Station and Epilogue. We’ve made a number of improvements in these areas which should help you out a LOT if you’ve been experiencing problems in these areas.
  • Trading cards now working properly. START COLLECTING!
  • The Rampage mode interface now communicates combos better, so you have a better chance of working out how to max your score.
  • There’s improved gamepad support, including rumble support.
  • You may have noticed a flicker in the GIF recorder. That is now fixed.
  • Some of you found the bagel controls all sluggish and slow. Now they’re as smooth and sleek as a racing unicorn.
  • We squished various little bugs here and there that are too yawn-some to list.
  • Gamepad support on the main menu has been improved.
  • You can now use LB and RB controller buttons to swap between game modes on the main menu calendar. Pretty cool…and useful!
  • Achievements are working more reliably now – no more frustration if you achieve…..then don’t get your prize.
  • We’ve switched on leaderboards for later levels, so you can get your competitive butts ready for action throughout the whole game now.
  • We’ve rebalanced the Epilogue level – it was too tricky for most of you (and most of us).

If you’ve found a bug or problem that we missed, please let Malford know onĀ breadfeedback@bossastudios.com. He loves helping you, especially if you send him pictures of musical animals.

Love you,

The I am Bread Team

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