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I am Bread - iPhone and iPad!


Today is a special day for I am Bread. We’ve just released on iPad and iPhone! No longer are Bread’s adventures confined to the computer monitor, and (more recently) to the TV in your living […]

The best news since sliced bread

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You’ve seen a slice of the game. NOW PLAY THE WHOLE LOAF!

From the creators of Surgeon Simulator comes an adventure with a hero like no other! ‘I am Bread’ is the epic story of a slice of bread’s journey to become toast.

Take the intrepid, crumby adventurer on a journey from his natural confines of the kitchen, through the home of an unsuspecting owner and into the outside world. This bread will be boldly going where no other bread has gone before . . .

In addition to the deepest story ever seen in a video game, about a slice of bread, there are a wealth of baked options to sink your teeth into.

Additional game modes and other types of bread will cater for all tastes! Set speed records racing across the levels as a bagel; realise your destiny as crispbread in cheese hunt mode; relieve your stress as the baguette and smash everything in sight in rampage mode. Oh, and did we mention bread goes into space too?

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