Hello everyone!

Thank you for joining us through Early Access to help shape this game into the beautiful piece of toast we all know it will become!

We’ve really appreciated all of the feedback, suggestions, videos and artwork that you’ve been sharing with us so far and can’t wait to see what else you come up with!

Today is good day to be Bread – We’re excited to announce our first update!

New features and improvements:

  • Camera sensitivity slider added
  • More sound effects on objects
  • Music is no longer positional
  • Mouse pointer is now only displayed in menus when using controller
  • Lights now toast the bread
  • Rocket now toasts the bread
  • Oven now toasts the bread
  • Glasses and bottles are now breakable
  • The ants are faster (more obviously hazardous)
  • Keyboard is now configurable
  • Controller improved for UI
  • Improved toasting feedback
  • Grading rebalanced to be fairer
  • Jam less sticky, to avoid getting completely stuck
  • Jpg and GIF sharing now working
  • UI improvements
  • Improved lighting for high visual quality settings
  • Various bugs fixed
  • Adjusted the grip meter

If you want to join us on facebook, twitter or in the steam forums, we’re always bready for a conversation and would love to hear your feedback and thoughts!

We’re also pleased to announce the launch of Bread Dairies, our new video series discussing updates, community news and all things Bread.

Stay toasty,
I am Bread Team // Bossa Studios