Dev Diary 6


Luke Williams
Game Designer @bossastudios

Hey everyone, my name is Luke and about 8 months ago I had this crazy idea about playing as a piece of bread with a singular goal of becoming toast. I sometimes can’t quite believe how far it’s come and yet here I am still thinking of new elaborate environments to explore and become toasted.

As you may be aware we’re just about to launch our brand new level; The Garage! I figured I’d break down how exactly I went about creating this level, such as figuring out how many routes through the level there are, unique challenges to traverse and taking the new game mode Cheese Hunt into consideration.

Once we’ve decided where the new level is to take place the first step is the whitebox, this allows me to get the scale of the level right so it doesn’t end up too big or too small, so I’ll put the bread in the scene and start getting a sense of the space. I’ll also start to throw in some items to help start blocking out some routes.


Once I’m happy with the size and shape I can start putting the actual level together, this includes placing objects that we’ve already made and using placeholders for objects the artists are currently creating. At this point I’m starting to get a feel for the level and can starting traversing the different routes I’m building.


While I’m refining the level the exciting stuff from the artists start to come in, so goodbye ugly whitebox! We also built an elaborate roof shelving system to add some more verticality to the level. This was built to add more varied routes for the bread but also gives the player a more intricate environment to explore while looking for cheese in Cheese Hunt, using the much more agile Crispbread.


Once all the routes are set in place and we know where the toast goals are it’s time to polish up the level and get it all looking nice with lighting and any final adjustments to how it plays.


And then we have the final result, ready for everyone to attempt to become toast in a new challenging environment!


Now it’s time to begin the process again as we build the next exciting chapter for I am Bread!