Dev Diary 4


Andy Green
Technical Artist @bossastudios

Hey all, name’s Andy, Bossa Studio’s technical artist and Senior artist of our cozy little team on I am Bread. As such, I don’t just make cool stuff, I help to bring it to life! … and then fix the problems that it creates. This also includes sticky technical stuff other artists fear to touch as well as writing tools and other boring sounding stuff which makes me feel like a nerdy super hero (when it all works).

The bread team are currently at the ‘make cool stuff’ phase on the run up to our next content update for I am Bread – and I’m excited about it! Oliver Age 24 and Malford have already teased the new room – The Garage – and as you’d expect, it’s full of mucky and dangerous toys!


So this explains why I made a chainsaw this week, as you can see making it’s debut above. There’s a number of other cool toys, props and obstacles coming in the garage making this level very different (and difficult) to traverse and I’m looking forward to seeing the screenshots and gifs you gals’n’guys can make.

Murillo (‘Breadly Serious’), Mohammad (‘Master Baker’) and Charles (‘The Bunnisher’) are also hard at work laying the foundation to a new game mode which will be launching alongside the garage. I can’t give any specifics as I sit next to Vince (‘Bread Freud’) and it’s super easy for him to make my life uncomfortable if I spoil anything 😉


Oh, and we’ve also been having some fun with DUAL WIELDING CHAINSAWS! And yes they are as dangerous as they look… But to be clear, these aren’t coming in the next update (sad face), but be super nice to us and we might just figure out a way to include these later down the line.


Lastly, between us in the team, we’ve also been spending time in the forums and on emails responding to your bug reports and trying to troubleshoot your problems. We’ve made some tweaks in the coming update to hopefully smooth things out further, but as ever if you have a problem please first check the I am Bread Steam forum incase it’s already been addressed in one of the sticky threads. It’s the fastest way to a solution if it’s already been solved! If not you should email and provide as much detail as you can about the problem you’re having. This includes system specifications, resolution/quality setting you’re running the game at and any screenshots/gifs which show us clearly the problem you’re facing. And if you’re having gamepad issues, please tell us what gamepad you’re using.

That’s all for me this week, next week Murillo will use his words in a wordy way to say things to you, our breaderin.

Keep on toastin’!