Dev Diary 3


Iain Gillespie
3D Artist @bossastudios

As a 3D Artist for a game like I am Bread, you could be forgiven for thinking my job would entail simply making a long list of real world objects, one by one, until I was done.

You’d be wrong however!

I have to participate in every aspect of game development, from concepting, modelling, rigging, and animating, all the way to their implementation in the engine. It’s the later half of this experience that makes working on a game like this so much fun.

Using software such as Unity (the one we use) and Unreal is a great way to develop and both have free versions and great support for noobs. Having a team of coders at your disposal obviously makes it easier to get your work in game but for aspiring Artists it’s completely possible to implement artwork directly into the engines without the need for code support, a great way to get real-world experience.

Being able to come up with an idea for a fun item in the game and then quickly build it and implement it is such a satisfying thing.

The rocket for example came from a discussion with @Imrejele about how it’d be to fun to fly around the room on one and although it wasn’t on my list of things to model originally I quickly built one and put it into the game. I used a few scripts from other assets to get it flying and we were away!

It was a nice little surprise for the team to see this new toy appear in the game and it is now a permanent fixture. It was especially fun for Imre to see himself in the ship :o)


Whether you are a Environment artist, UI artist, or Animator, I can’t express enough the joy and satisfaction that being able to get these this into a game gives me.

Other than making assets for the game, one of my other jobs is making the assets you’ve seen on Steam and the YouTube Thumbnails.


So it’s good times working on I AM BREAD. I’m looking forward to making more levels and more toys for you guys to play with and DESTROY!