Dev Diary 10


Vince Farquharson
COO @bossastudios (& Producer on I am Bread)

So, this week sees an update we’ve been all very excited about on the team. One of the big challenges we set ourselves after that first bread video went viral, was to create a game which could deliver on the promises shown in the footage and importantly to prove that it was not just a gimmick but an actual game.

We entered Early Access feeling happy that we’d appropriately expanded upon that core control mechanic and that the original idea had been turned it into a proper goal based game with progression and the start of narrative structure.

We knew that we would continue with the story and the levels but buoyed by the wonderful responses and ideas from the community we asked ourselves, what else could we do? How far could we take it?

I think nothing encapsulates better how the team decided to respond to this question than the idea that with each new environment that got unlocked, we’d also unlock an entirely new game mode, which would reinvent the existing game levels and make them all fresh again. This meant that for every updated level we would have to make new bread, a new control system, new game mechanics, new UI, new level layouts and rebalance everything for all the new content, a much bigger scope than was ever imagined at the start!

This week sees the release of 2 new modes which take this idea to the extreme. Zero G, which reinvents the entire game as space simulator with all the mindbending elements of trying to navigate an environment with no gravity, where up and down is relative, and you have only your thrusters to propel you around. And Bagel Race which gives you control of a fast rolling Bagel and sees you trying to complete races around the levels in the fastest possible time.


This is the penultimate update for the game. Next time we will be completing the journey of our doughy protagonists, polishing up everything we have done to date, adding in a few bells and whistles and saving some big surprises for the end.

We hope you feel that we’ve lived up to our goal of delivering more than that first preview video promised and made something which brings both fun and depth but refuses to ever take itself too seriously.


Thank you for your continued support.